Nothing in Scott Beare's upbringing could have helped predict the heights this young man from the suburbs of Alexandria, Virginia would someday reach. Born to few prospects and low expectations, Scott had to overcome one of the most difficult burdens a young person may be asked to face: a negative attitude among the adults in his life.

Nevertheless, he overcame all that, making his way from Navy recruit fresh out of high school to college-educated officer in just eight years. Even more amazing, Scott Beare not only went from enlisted man to Navy jet pilot during that time; he became one of six “Blue Angels", a member of the most elite flying unit in the Navy. He has toured internationally with his world renowned squadron, demonstrating how the best the US Navy has to offer perform in the sky.

How Scott Beare broke the bonds that held him to the earth and soared high above and beyond the reach of most people's imaginations is an engrossing story. More than that, it is an inspiring one. Scott's progress is marked by the characteristics that all uncommon success stories have in common: hard work, perseverance, goal-setting, and plans -- plus the persistent ability to recognize opportunities and to find some way to seize them. Scott believes that these skills can be learned. That's why he has taken on yet another challenge: to convey hope to young people who might otherwise drift into counter-productive and self-defeating patterns; to encourage them to reach into themselves, as he himself has done, for the courage to create a better life; to guide them toward creating the structure upon which to build a positive future with confidence and pride.

A gifted communicator, Scott Beare can motivate audiences to look around at what their environments have to offer, and then to look forward, outward and up.  


Lt. Commander Scott "Yogi" Beare, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Nothing in Scott's upbringing could have helped predict the heights this young man from the suburbs of Alexandria, Virginia would someday reach. Scott began his naval career in nuclear engineering but soon realized a higher calling literally. He set his sights on his lifelong passion of becoming a pilot earning his navy "wings of gold" in 1987. Spending his last 17 years in the military as a naval aviator, Scott flew a variety of aircraft including the F/A-18 Hornet, F-5 Tiger II, accumulating over 5000 flight hours in these high performance fighters. During his career in the United States Navy (1980-2004), Scott was a combat-decorated Naval Aviator responsible for flying the most modern carrier-based fighter aircraft flying today. He is a graduate of the famed Naval Fighter Weapons School "TOPGUN", as well as a combat decorated veteran of Desert Storm where he was awarded two air medals and a navy commendation for valor in aerial combat.

Scott's aviation career reached new heights in 1995 when he was personally selected for the rare opportunity to fly with the navy's world renowned flight demonstration team, the "Blue Angels".

Upon his retirement from the United States Navy, he was recruited by a start-up technology company where he was Vice President of Operations and Manufacturing. The company grew from start-up to $170 million in the first two years. Scott held concurrent executive responsibility for directing all engineering development, personnel team building, capital expenditures, and production management.

Most recently, Scott moved from Chicago to Westminster, SC with his wife and two children. In the meantime, he has published two books on leadership and is a frequent keynote speaker on topics of Teamwork, Leadership, and Pursuit of Excellence.

Scott received his MBA from Liberty University (4.0), and his BA from George Washington University in Washington, DC

He has authored two books on leadership:
1. Author, "The Power of Teamwork" - Simple Truths, 2006
2. Co-Author, "Yogi Beare, Values of a Blue Angel" - Majer Strategies, 2006 — 198 • Phone: 864.985.8048